Monday, 5 October 2015

Benefits of Using Pre-employment Testing Software

Pre-employment testing software has given a smarter way to filter talents before candidates are given job offers. Selecting the best from the talent pool is one of the most challenging tasks a company faces. The pre-employment testing software technology offers companies and headhunters the essential screening and assessment necessary to select the right candidate.

Here are some benefits of pre-employment testing software developed with a vision to help recruiters find the best talents for their staffing needs.

Comprehensive screening of candidates: The software developed for pre-employment tests are designed to screen job applicants. The program monitors various attributes of the applicants and even checks those skills that are often missed out by recruiters during the manual screening process. This is a very important since; missing out on such crucial process can prove to be a major hindrance in the growth of the company in future.

Range of assessments: The software considers the candidates’ cognitive abilities, understanding of the subject matter, technical abilities, physical and motor abilities, personality, language proficiency, emotional intelligence, and the mindset of facing any challenges at work. The tests can be optimized for each candidate. For instance, if a candidate’s technical credentials need to be tested, then the required module can be selected and the person assessed on the same. In other cases, the temperament may be the question and a thorough assessment test will help determine if the person makes the right fit for the profile and for the company.

Custom tests: The online assessment companies provide a host of tools and tests that can be customized to meet client needs. The assessments can be modified for each industry. This helps companies to define parameters for the tests and the results are much better than standardized tests.

Reduce hiring costs: Pre-employment testing software reduces the cost of hiring for companies. They are especially good for organizations that have not built a relationship with staffing agencies. They can buy the assessment software and use it in the selection process. Getting the right candidate also helps in reducing the costs associated with employee turnover. A person who makes the bill will be more involved in her job, will get opportunities and will be willing to work for the benefit of the business and help it grow. A bad selection will cost more in efficiency losses, low morale, etc.

Recruiters can reach their decisions based on the test results. It is recommended that they check the best available options online and get some idea of the various modules and tests a company provides before selecting one.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Microsoft Word Assessment Test: Most Frequently Used Questions

The purpose of Microsoft Word Assessment tests is to help determine a candidate's proficiency levels in using the application in a general sense as well as in a company or position-specific context. There are many different types of assessment tests for Microsoft's word processing software, including those that test basic and advanced skills. Some help assess basic formatting, editing, documentation, and analytical skills of candidates while others are designed to test their designing and other complex skill sets. The following are some of the most frequently used questions in an assessment test for determining Microsoft Word proficiency:

______ make it easier to align text precisely.
The combination ______ will take you to the top of the document.
The _______ will correct text automatically as you type.
The term "select to affect" is a phrase to help you remember to _______.
What are valid Word Tab stops?
True or false. You should use the spell checker as your final proof because it will find all spelling and grammar errors that exist in your document and correct them for you.
Tabbed Text and Tables are essentially the same thing and are formatted the same way. The only difference is how much text can be contained in them.
The _______ feature can simplify the process of creating such documents as mailing labels, envelopes, and form letters.
A _______ stores a series of formatting instructions that affect how text is displayed in a given document.
Files that help you create new documents consistently so as to increase your productivity are called _______.
True or false. A macro can record keystrokes and mouse clicks but not mouse movements such as selecting words in documents.
The _______ feature works behind the scene to automatically format your documents by applying styles.
A _______ is similar to a placeholder in that it will contain information that may change in the document.
A _______ is a graphic image or logo or headline text that is displayed behind printed text.
What do you need to do in your document before you can create a Table of Contents?

Features of Adobe after Effects Test

The Adobe after Effects test can assess an applicant’s knowledge of animation, motion graphics, composites, and visual effects, including 3D compositions. Such a test is developed and designed to assist recruiters and employers in evaluating the practical skills of an applicant.

Who should take the Adobe after Effects test?

If you are a company looking for an animator, then it’s crucial that you ask applicants to take a pre-employment Adobe after Effects exam in order to assess their real-life skills. You can also benefit from this type of pre-employment test if you are looking for a graphics/motion graphics designer, video editor, or UI designer.

What features can you expect from an Adobe after Effects test?

For a test to be valid and reliable, it should be reviewed and developed by Adobe after Effects experts. It should contain meaningful and well balanced questions on areas such as motion tracking features, 2D animation, and import/export of still images in multiple formats, to name a few.

The test should accurately assess the overall knowledge of the applicant, from basic to intermediate features.  The test should then be able to analyze the findings and give you a detailed analysis of the results so you can make the best hiring decisions.

Its goal should be to help employers and recruiters identify applicants with the highest potentials by evaluating both job readiness and practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge. It should measure the applicant’s applied skills Adobe after Effects—skills that can only be gained through real-life experience and usage of this program.  A typical Adobe after Effects test will have 20 multiple choice questions assessing knowledge of basic features. Those questions have to be answered within 20 minutes.

The test should be modifiable, allowing you to add or delete questions, change time settings, add your items, etc. This ensures that you can adapt it to your current recruitment goals. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Computer Skills Assessment Test

Different types of assessment tools and methodologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Commercial, norm-referenced, and standard examinations, for instance, have unique advantages as well as disadvantages over locally developed exams as well as performance appraisals and simulations. Computer skills assessment tests are often a combination of standard questions, simulations, and performance appraisals, and they are highly beneficial in assessing the computer skills and the capabilities of the employees.

Computer skills assessment tests help provide an objective way of assessing candidate's knowledge as well as their potential value to the company.
Tests neither offer external validity and create nor reference groups, which you can use to compare with what the industry mandates or with what your standards require when it comes to employee skills.
They are beneficial for determining proficiency against standards that exist for the specific discipline, such as in the case of software tests and basic computer skills tests.
Simulations help provide more depth and breadth to the evaluation, by measuring performance-based factors, which hold greater value when it comes to assessing the potential of a candidate.
They can be administered through methods that allow instant results, analysis, and reporting, helping candidates and recruiters gain insight about their chances of employment. This speeds up the recruitment process in more ways than you can imagine.
Pre-employment computer skills assessment tests are widely available from service providers specializing in the recruitment and pre-employment solutions.


More complex testing methods and instruments may require greater initial investment. This can prove to be justifiable, especially with the quality of candidates and recruits that the exams produce.
Some tests may also require additional infrastructure investment, depending on the type of program you choose. There are, however, exams and instruments that are designed to undemanding requirements so they can be performed under normal circumstances.

Best Online Resources for SQL Assessment Test

SQL assessment tests serve as an excellent measuring stick for the skills and knowledge of your potential database developers. Testing the programming ability of your prospect employees is best done by setting up various scenarios and problems that they can solve using conventional or unconventional methodologies. These types of tests also help you gauge their inventiveness in creating and implementing solutions to issues at hand. While many SQL challenges can indeed be answered in different ways, tests can be designed so that you can assess the skills and the thinking patterns of your candidates and compare them with the way that you want things done within your company.

When sourcing SQL assessment exams online, choose sites that specialize in providing well-crafted, studied, and duly certified modules and programs that you can use to assess effectively your candidates. The best tests are those that include questions about cursors, triggers, and stored procedures, as well as those that help you gauge an applicant's ability to answer complex queries, such as data modification language statements. People who perform well in these types of questioning are more likely to offer you valuable service and will contribute well to your productivity.

Companies that specialize in designing and developing assessment exams for technical, soft, and practical skills are the best sources for these types of pre-employment solutions. If you are recruiting Microsoft Business Intelligence SQL experts, business intelligence developer, database operator, or server experts, choose assessment exams that are designed to measure performance in information processing, data integration, reporting, and analysis.

Potential hires should be evaluated for their job readiness in addition to their working skills and proficiencies. Companies that specialize in assessment tools and solutions can provide you with the best instruments to help you test applied skills gained through real experiences, more than their theoretical knowledge.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How Does Adobe Illustrator Test Help?

Pre-employment tests are crucial if you want to hire the right graphic designers and artists. A typical pre-employment test can only test the knowledge, cognitive abilities, language proficiency, and work skills of a potential employee. If you are looking for someone with a very specific set of skills—like a graphic artist—then you need a pre-employment test that can accurately assess the candidate's proficiency in programmes like Adobe Illustrator. A proper pre-test can reduce the time you will spend training the new employee and ensure that you are hiring someone who can work independently and right away.

Adobe Illustrator can simplify graphics production and design. It is typically used by graphic artists and designers to create vector images for promotional materials, company logos, or personal work. It can be used to make charts, illustrations, diagrams, cartoons, and other drawings. The programme may be difficult to learn and understand at first, but real graphic artists are very good at maximising its tools.

An Adobe Illustrator test can help you identify the best candidates for your company's graphic designer or artist position. Make it a part of a pre-employment assessment. It can make the selection process much more efficient, boost the morale of qualified candidates, and decrease costs associated with turnover. Workforce Magazine found that turnover costs add up to around 150 percent of an average employee's annual salary—and can get even bigger when you add up the costs spent on hiring, recruiting, training, and orientation.

The test can ultimately prevent you from hiring an incompetent employee, especially if you cannot afford to let a bad hire affect the profitability of your business, as poor performance can typically disrupt workflow. An Adobe Illustrator test can be tailored to your pre-employment assessment requirements to make sure that you can make a smarter and more informed hiring decision.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Importance of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Assessments are valuable pre-employment tools. They provide important insights into your candidates, helping hiring managers determine just how an individual will perform in the job and fit into the working culture of the organization. These tests also help identify their thinking patterns and reasoning styles while highlighting relevant behavioral traits that may enhance or get in the way of their work performance.

Hiring and recruitment managers have the difficult task of sifting through hundreds of applicants and making the best hire possible. With the help of assessment tools, it is easier to:

Place candidates in their appropriate positions - Assessment tools are varied. The right tests help you determine a candidate's suitability for a specific job while testing their skills and knowledge to determine whether they can perform well, once hired. People have natural inclinations for various types of jobs. Pre-employment assessment tools help recruiters discover and make sense of these attributes.

Determine behavioral and cultural fit - Organizations have unique work culture. Even smaller units within the company, such as teams and departments, establish a unique culture among themselves. The most successful hires are those who can blend into these internal societies easily. Assessment tools can also be helpful in determining behavioral styles and personalities that will gel with the rest of the team.

Look beyond what's on their resume - Resumes and CVs may not be as accurate as every hiring manager would hope. In an extremely competitive job market, it is not surprising for job seekers to sell their advantages wherever possible. Assessments help recruiters look beyond shiny resumes, and get deeper into their actual traits in order to discover what they are actually capable of.

Finally, pre-employment assessments are also helpful in creating performance models and fact patterns for the organization's employees. Establishing these kinds of standards can help make the recruitment process even more efficient in the future.

Benefits of Online Testing Software

Streamlining business operations allows a company to achieve greater productivity and enhanced results. Online recruiting, for instance, is helping businesses speed up and at the same time, enhances their employee selection process. Online resources like internet job boards, resume databases, applicant tracking systems, online tests, and skill assessments are helpful in sifting through thousands of candidates and finding the perfect matches for vacancies. There are recruitment software programs that combine many or all of these technologies to provide organizations a simple and straightforward recruitment process. Others offer separate online options that you can combine with a tailored approach. Nevertheless, online testing and recruitment software offer a world of benefits to organizations:

Efficiency – Pre-employment screening over the web enables greater efficiency. By providing access to personality assessments, skill tests, and other pre-employment evaluations online, you have the opportunity to weed out less competent candidates early in the process. This allows you to focus on candidates with higher percentile rankings (based on your valid assessments), without having to invite every possible applicant in. It is more practical to perform basic assessments that don't require face-to-face interaction and observation online, because it streamlines the recruitment process.

Reach – Online testing and recruitment allows you further reach in terms of your target candidates. This is important if you are on the lookout for undiscovered talents that you can nurture. It also gives newcomers the opportunity to begin the pre-employment process with your company, while they are deciding where to settle for work.

Cost – Recruitment is an expensive process. Channeling the initial stages of the pre-employment procedure online is one of the most practical ways to cut down this cost. By implementing online tests, you get to save a great deal of time and budget on having to interview a hundred possible candidates only to fill a couple of open positions within the company.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Java Skills Assessment Test-What to Ask and Why!

When you are in the market for a new and capable Java developer, it is important to ensure that you hire a candidate with a good understanding of the language and who will also be able to deliver the content that you desire. However, how can you ensure that your potential employee has the skills and abilities that you desire? In this case, Java Skills Assessment Test would be the best option to test your employee’s skills. Also, when you are interviewing a potential Java developer for your organization, make sure that the candidate should go through a Java Skills Assessment Test and also consider some of these important topics and be sure to ask related questions.

Garbage Collection in Programming

There are times when you will want to get rid of certain programs or other elements that no longer serve a purpose while also freeing up the resources that the programs are currently using. As such, it is wise to ask a potential employee about Java garbage collection and what its uses are. Also, ask if they have any particular insights about the best methods to apply garbage collection.

General Operations Knowledge Goes a Long Way!
You will also want to test your potential developer’s knowledge of general Java operations. Asking a question about the ordering of information written such as the difference between public static void and static public void, can reveal the candidate’s knowledge of common programming mistakes and how Java accommodates for them.

These are just a few of the many questions that you may ask so don’t hesitate to inquire further to ensure that you’re hiring the best person for the job!

Be Aware Of Fraud-Hire the Right Person by Choosing Pre-Employment Software

In a time where jobs are hard to come by and people are becoming increasingly desperate, there have unfortunately been those who fraudulently portray themselves and their credentials in a manner to make themselves appear to be attractive candidates. Unfortunately, it can oftentimes be very difficult to detect this kind of activity when scanning a resume and even while interviewing a potential employee. However, there is a method that you can utilize to protect yourself and to ensure that your business interests are not being compromised. Certain pre-employment software can be used in order to verify credentials and to conduct background checks.

An Accurate Look at a Candidate’s Background
Pre-employment software is very adept at verifying education credentials and the potential employee’s information can be entered to provide an accurate look at what they’ve accomplished. If the criteria do not meet what the employee has presented, you may want to inquire further.

Criminal Record and Credit Screenings
Background checks can also be conducted with select pre-employment software. If you are concerned about someone’s potential criminal record or credit history, these screenings will give you an accurate and conclusive look at the potential employee’s past experiences in these areas.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by a clever fraud! Utilize pre-employment software to eliminate untruthful candidates!