Monday, 5 October 2015

Benefits of Using Pre-employment Testing Software

Pre-employment testing software has given a smarter way to filter talents before candidates are given job offers. Selecting the best from the talent pool is one of the most challenging tasks a company faces. The pre-employment testing software technology offers companies and headhunters the essential screening and assessment necessary to select the right candidate.

Here are some benefits of pre-employment testing software developed with a vision to help recruiters find the best talents for their staffing needs.

Comprehensive screening of candidates: The software developed for pre-employment tests are designed to screen job applicants. The program monitors various attributes of the applicants and even checks those skills that are often missed out by recruiters during the manual screening process. This is a very important since; missing out on such crucial process can prove to be a major hindrance in the growth of the company in future.

Range of assessments: The software considers the candidates’ cognitive abilities, understanding of the subject matter, technical abilities, physical and motor abilities, personality, language proficiency, emotional intelligence, and the mindset of facing any challenges at work. The tests can be optimized for each candidate. For instance, if a candidate’s technical credentials need to be tested, then the required module can be selected and the person assessed on the same. In other cases, the temperament may be the question and a thorough assessment test will help determine if the person makes the right fit for the profile and for the company.

Custom tests: The online assessment companies provide a host of tools and tests that can be customized to meet client needs. The assessments can be modified for each industry. This helps companies to define parameters for the tests and the results are much better than standardized tests.

Reduce hiring costs: Pre-employment testing software reduces the cost of hiring for companies. They are especially good for organizations that have not built a relationship with staffing agencies. They can buy the assessment software and use it in the selection process. Getting the right candidate also helps in reducing the costs associated with employee turnover. A person who makes the bill will be more involved in her job, will get opportunities and will be willing to work for the benefit of the business and help it grow. A bad selection will cost more in efficiency losses, low morale, etc.

Recruiters can reach their decisions based on the test results. It is recommended that they check the best available options online and get some idea of the various modules and tests a company provides before selecting one.