Thursday, 21 May 2015

Importance of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Assessments are valuable pre-employment tools. They provide important insights into your candidates, helping hiring managers determine just how an individual will perform in the job and fit into the working culture of the organization. These tests also help identify their thinking patterns and reasoning styles while highlighting relevant behavioral traits that may enhance or get in the way of their work performance.

Hiring and recruitment managers have the difficult task of sifting through hundreds of applicants and making the best hire possible. With the help of assessment tools, it is easier to:

Place candidates in their appropriate positions - Assessment tools are varied. The right tests help you determine a candidate's suitability for a specific job while testing their skills and knowledge to determine whether they can perform well, once hired. People have natural inclinations for various types of jobs. Pre-employment assessment tools help recruiters discover and make sense of these attributes.

Determine behavioral and cultural fit - Organizations have unique work culture. Even smaller units within the company, such as teams and departments, establish a unique culture among themselves. The most successful hires are those who can blend into these internal societies easily. Assessment tools can also be helpful in determining behavioral styles and personalities that will gel with the rest of the team.

Look beyond what's on their resume - Resumes and CVs may not be as accurate as every hiring manager would hope. In an extremely competitive job market, it is not surprising for job seekers to sell their advantages wherever possible. Assessments help recruiters look beyond shiny resumes, and get deeper into their actual traits in order to discover what they are actually capable of.

Finally, pre-employment assessments are also helpful in creating performance models and fact patterns for the organization's employees. Establishing these kinds of standards can help make the recruitment process even more efficient in the future.

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