Thursday, 23 July 2015

Features of Adobe after Effects Test

The Adobe after Effects test can assess an applicant’s knowledge of animation, motion graphics, composites, and visual effects, including 3D compositions. Such a test is developed and designed to assist recruiters and employers in evaluating the practical skills of an applicant.

Who should take the Adobe after Effects test?

If you are a company looking for an animator, then it’s crucial that you ask applicants to take a pre-employment Adobe after Effects exam in order to assess their real-life skills. You can also benefit from this type of pre-employment test if you are looking for a graphics/motion graphics designer, video editor, or UI designer.

What features can you expect from an Adobe after Effects test?

For a test to be valid and reliable, it should be reviewed and developed by Adobe after Effects experts. It should contain meaningful and well balanced questions on areas such as motion tracking features, 2D animation, and import/export of still images in multiple formats, to name a few.

The test should accurately assess the overall knowledge of the applicant, from basic to intermediate features.  The test should then be able to analyze the findings and give you a detailed analysis of the results so you can make the best hiring decisions.

Its goal should be to help employers and recruiters identify applicants with the highest potentials by evaluating both job readiness and practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge. It should measure the applicant’s applied skills Adobe after Effects—skills that can only be gained through real-life experience and usage of this program.  A typical Adobe after Effects test will have 20 multiple choice questions assessing knowledge of basic features. Those questions have to be answered within 20 minutes.

The test should be modifiable, allowing you to add or delete questions, change time settings, add your items, etc. This ensures that you can adapt it to your current recruitment goals. 

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