Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Computer Skills Assessment Test

Different types of assessment tools and methodologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Commercial, norm-referenced, and standard examinations, for instance, have unique advantages as well as disadvantages over locally developed exams as well as performance appraisals and simulations. Computer skills assessment tests are often a combination of standard questions, simulations, and performance appraisals, and they are highly beneficial in assessing the computer skills and the capabilities of the employees.

Computer skills assessment tests help provide an objective way of assessing candidate's knowledge as well as their potential value to the company.
Tests neither offer external validity and create nor reference groups, which you can use to compare with what the industry mandates or with what your standards require when it comes to employee skills.
They are beneficial for determining proficiency against standards that exist for the specific discipline, such as in the case of software tests and basic computer skills tests.
Simulations help provide more depth and breadth to the evaluation, by measuring performance-based factors, which hold greater value when it comes to assessing the potential of a candidate.
They can be administered through methods that allow instant results, analysis, and reporting, helping candidates and recruiters gain insight about their chances of employment. This speeds up the recruitment process in more ways than you can imagine.
Pre-employment computer skills assessment tests are widely available from service providers specializing in the recruitment and pre-employment solutions.


More complex testing methods and instruments may require greater initial investment. This can prove to be justifiable, especially with the quality of candidates and recruits that the exams produce.
Some tests may also require additional infrastructure investment, depending on the type of program you choose. There are, however, exams and instruments that are designed to undemanding requirements so they can be performed under normal circumstances.

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